Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What are you doing on Sunday, December 20th?

Amanda Hyphenated has come up with this brilliant idea: Do Nothing But Read Day! Avoid the Christmas-shopping crowds at the mall. Have dinner delivered (pizza is always good). Make a dent in your TBR pile. (Lord knows, though, one day won't be enough for mine.)

Surprisingly, this is one day over the next couple of weekends that I don't have a get-together of some sort on my calendar. The goddess of books must have known something was up! So I plan to brew a pot of tea, curl up in that chair you see in the picture, and read! Why not join me?


  1. Sounds lovely... I wish I could join you but of course I have a Christmas party on the 20th. Not to mention my very noisy kids that like to have constant attention. So I think that I will get around to a whole day and evening of reading in about ten years or so!

    I wish you a pleasant reading day though.

  2. Count me in! I will join you! I'll have all my knitting and craft items finished, wrapped and the house looking spick'n'span for when I go on holidays... and what else is there to do when I've finished all that...read of course!