Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Blogger Convention!

There's going to be a Book Blogger Convention in New York City in May, and I'm planning to go!

In an excellent confluence of events, the convention is one week before my college reunion. So here's what happened. The reunion starts June 3. I always go a few days early or stay a few days late to go to theater & concerts, visit museums, hang with friends, etc. This year, the plan was to go out on the Sunday or Monday beforehand. Now, I'm on the board of a local theatre company, and a play that was put on in Chicago in association with that company is headed to New York. The director will be in New York in April and May, coming back to Chicago the 31st. So I decided to go out on Saturday to hang with him and see the play before he leaves. But then I heard about the Book Blogger Convention on the 28th, and thought, "well, heck! Why don't I go out on Thursday and go to that?" So I am.

Then the BBC (Book Blogger Convention, not British Broadcasting Corporation!) people said that the registration for that would also get us into Book Expo, which is the 25th-27th. And, you know, I'd love to do that, but this is getting ridiculous! I suppose I could fly out on Wednesday and spend Thursday at BEA. But, oh, all those nights in a New York hotel add up! Thank goodness I'll be staying in the dorms for the reunion. Because I am so tempted by BEA!

Am I insane? Maybe, maybe not. But I am definitely excited!

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