Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tales of Graceful Aging

35. Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial, by Nicole Hollander

The creator of the Sylvia comic strip has turned her talented and humorous hand to prose. Just in time for this recently-turned-sixty, she sets out to show that "Women get a second wind in their sixties, they conquer new worlds, make change happen, reinvent themselves, make a contribution."

Friends Bitsy, Audrey and Sally are the perfect foils for then narrator's refusal to act her age, or, stated better, for her determination to make her own choices as to what's age -appropriate! Whether she's talking about "Disastrous Apparel Decisions", "Tiny Vices", love affairs or medical affairs, she'll make you laugh. If you are a sixty-ish woman, you'll guffaw or sigh with recognition. If you haven't reached that milestone, she'll show you that there's nothing to fear.

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